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❤️ Remove ingrown hairs at root

💙 Get silky & smooth skin

💛 Painless, safe and easy

💜 One time purchase, no refills

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"This is a great way to remove hair and prevent ingrown issues. Highly recommended!"

-Laura R. from Scottsdale, AZ

What's Included?

1x Lumishave™️
1x Trimmer Head
1x Microfoil Head
1x USB Cable (Charger)

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How It Works

The Lumishave™️ uses precision micro-oscillation & sensa-light technology to gently remove unwanted hair off your skin. No more razor cuts, bumps, or strawberry skin. Its Sensa-light technology attacks the ingrown hairs at the root so it will prevent from fully growing back thicker. It is completely safe to use on any body part.

  • Painless & Easy

    Tired of razor burns & strawberry skin? Experience the joy of smooth skin without any discomfort!

  • Soft Silky Skin

    Say goodbye to bumps, stubble, and irritation. Say hello to salon-worthy smoothness.

  • Save Time & Money

    Simplify your hair removal routine and keep your wallet happy by avoiding pricey waxing, laser treatments, and endless razors!

Designed For Your Convenience

The Lumishave™️ is designed for you, to be used by you, no appointments, no refills, no effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lumishave™️ safe?

Rest assured, safety is our top priority! The Lumishave™️ is not only incredibly popular but also extensively researched, making it a trusted and secure choice for long-term hair removal.

Does Lumishave™️ hurt?

Absolutely not! Unlike other hair removal methods, the Lumishave™️ boasts a significant advantage - it's completely painless. Effortlessly remove hair from the root with gentle precision, without any discomfort whatsoever. Experience the bliss of pain-free hair removal and revel in the smoothness you desire.

Can I use Lumishave™️ if I have tattoos?

Certainly, it's completely safe to utilize the Lumishave™️ on areas with tattoos.

Which body parts can Lumishave™️ be used on?

Versatility at its finest! The Lumishave™️ is your all-in-one solution for hair removal, designed to be used anywhere on your body. From legs to arms, bikini area to face, experience the freedom to effortlessly remove unwanted hair from head to toe with the Lumishave™️. Embrace the convenience and flexibility of achieving smoothness exactly where you want it.

How fast is shipping?

We offer fast and reliable shipping on all orders. You can expect to receive it within 3-7 business days based on your location.

Please contact our customer service team for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about your shipment.

What is the return policy?

We're so confident that you'll love the Lumishave™️ that if you are not satisfied with your order within 90 days of receiving it, you can return it no questions asked!

  • Leila K.

    "I'm thrilled with the results! The Lumishave is definitely effective on the bikini line, Previously, I had to shave every other day, but now I only need to do it once a week, and it's hardly noticeable even at that point!"

  • Rosa S.

    "It significantly reduced the thickness of my hair after a few shaves. I barely experience any ingrown hairs now, and using it is completely painless. I can't recommend this product enough! 🥰"

  • Alexis. V

    "I'm noticing a considerable difference in my hair growth since using this product. It's taking longer for my hair to grow back, and when it does, it's noticeably thinner. I'm incredibly happy with the results I've achieved so far."

30 Day Returns

If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days, just send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.